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MISSION: Knowledge + Change = Action

VISION: Use your energy wisely

The most abundant form of energy we have is human, our pioneer spirit, and working together we can solve the world’s energy needs.  We need to re-imagine the conversation around global energy issues and move the conversation to one that is more collaborative and innovative.  Visit the "Energy of Energy" page and learn how human potential can be fully realized.

Energy360 is a resource for people who want to know how to do more with less; to be better consumers.  The "Follow the Footprint" section will highlight a product or activity every week with suggestions as to how changing our shopping habits could reduce our impact on the earth.  And we want your feedback on how you have already changed how you use a product or service or what new ideas you have for change.  Together we can create a community conversation that is filled with fun, collaborative and new ideas.

Our blog will highlight people and companies that are coming up with new ideas to conserve energy and new products that can help move us away from fossil fuels.  Know of a company or person with a creative new idea?  Let us know and help us spread the word! 

The conversation around energy can be confusing and complex.  All forms of energy have benefits and costs.  Visit the "Power Generation"  page to learn some quick benefits and costs of all forms of energy. 

Most importantly, we want to hear from you!  What are your questions, your ideas, and your hopes?  How can we best help answer those questions or promote ideas?  Let’s harness all of the energy and potential within each of us and build a community filled with people that believe the energy issue is a solvable one!  



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