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MISSION: Knowledge + Change = Action

VISION: Use your energy wisely

Energy360 is a non-profit designed to engage consumers in a realistic conversation about energy.  Energy360 will encourage full-circle discussions, and together we will come up with effective solutions where we can make impacts on our daily life. Energy is more than just power generation and climate change.  Energy is part of our daily lives and our daily thoughts.  We believe we are stuck in the debate over fossil fuels vs. renewables and the fearful discussions around climate change offering no real solutions.

How we heat our homes and power our cars is only part of the equation. What about our lifestyles? Everything we buy, wear, eat, play or think requires energy. And, like it or not, fossil fuels are the main source of energy used. Whether it is as a raw material, such as in plastics, or simply in the manufacture and transportation of the items and activities that make up our daily lives, we need to address our individual role in the changes that need to take place. Instead, the conversation is focused solely on the burning of fossil fuels for power generation.

And what are we being told about the state of the planet and where we are headed? Has anyone heard anything positive lately? There are approximately 7 billion people inhabiting the earth. To think that we are not having an impact on the planet would be naïve. The current conversation is polarizing, fear-based and centered around political and economic agendas. Since our thoughts help create our reality, what if we changed the conversation about our future to a more positive one?  One in which we all come together to develop positive changes in our day to day lives?  Could the collective consciousness of a positive outlook have an impact on the planet?  We will delve deeper into research about the power of collective consciousness.

These are the topics we are exploring and we would like to hear your feedback! Let’s share ideas about how to change our lifestyles to reflect a smaller footprint, decrease consumption, understand the costs and benefits of all forms of energy and bring forth a more positive conversation and thoughts about the state of the planet.

All of our funding is grassroots, we are not seeking to fund from any large fossil fuel or renewable energy sources. Together we will find the solutions!   We did not want our message to be influenced or discounted by the presence of “big industry”. Please help us spread our message!

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